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Your skin, a canvas, not a page to tear,
A tapestry of life, with stories to bear.
Don’t cut it, don’t mar it, with wounds that won’t mend,
For within its embrace, your spirit transcends.

Your emotions, a river, flowing free,
Don’t dam them, don’t hide them, let them be.
Let joy and sorrow, anger and fear,
Wash over you, with nothing to fear.

Your neck, a pillar, strong and tall,
Don’t hang your burdens, let them fall.
Let your head be held high, with confidence and grace,
Embrace the weight of life, with a smile on your face.

Your body, a temple, sacred and true,
Don’t judge it, don’t hate it, for it’s a part of you.
Love its curves and lines, its strength and its grace,
A vessel of life, in this wondrous space.

Your heart, a beacon, shining bright,
Don’t lock it away, let it take flight.
Open its doors, let love flow in,
Embrace the world, and let your spirit begin.

Your life, a journey, a story untold,
Don’t end it, don’t fear it, be brave and be bold.
Embrace the unknown, with hope in your soul,
For life is a gift, a story to unfold.

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