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When Shadows Fall


When shadows dance and tears descend,
My love for you, it knows no end.
A gentle hand, a warm embrace,
To mend your heart, to ease your face.

Through darkest nights and stormy skies,
My love remains, a beacon in your eyes.
A guiding light, a steady star,
To navigate the paths, near and far.

Each moment shared, a precious gem,
My heart entwined with yours, a diadem.
Time pauses, the world fades away,
As I whisper, ‘Stay, my love, I pray.’

With all my being, I adore,
Forever yours, forevermore.
A love unyielding, strong and true,
My heart to yours, where it’s meant to be.

So when the shadows dim your light,
Remember this, my love so bright.
I’ll be there, steadfast by your side,
To chase away the darkness, with love as my guide.

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