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College Day’s Delight

Six semesters passed, our college days near done,
A picnic planned, for laughter, joy, and fun.
Amidst the cheer, a smile caught my gaze,
A girl with starlight, a sky ablaze.

Through texts we shared a silent, sweet refrain,
Her name I knew, but mine she did not gain.
With fire in her soul, she led the pack,
And I, her shadow, filled the love she lacked.

My heart, a captive, felt a growing ache,
Her presence near, a warmth I could not shake.
Unbeknownst to me, my heart she’d swept,
A love unfolded, a bond so deeply kept.

I knew not how, nor why, this feeling grew,
But all I craved was life with her, it’s true.
Her laughter, tears, a melody divine,
My world transformed, a love forever mine.

Fate intervened, the picnic canceled,
Yet our connection, a bond still installed.
Through every day, we talked the hours away,
Late night whispers, secrets shared with glee.

In laughter, sadness, we’ve stood side by side,
A love unwavering, nothing left to hide.
I bless the stars for leading you to me,
My love, my soulmate, eternally.

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