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A Silent Symphony

They speak in silence, a language profound,
A symphony whispered, without a sound.
No words they utter, yet understood,
A solace unspoken, a kinship good.

Mirror, my friend, you reflect my soul,
The deepest secrets you hold, make me whole.
I won’t laugh at you, for you show me true,
The depths of my being, reflected in you.

Pillow, my confidante, soft and so near,
I pour out my sorrows, you’ll always hold dear.
My tears you absorb, a gentle embrace,
A silent comfort in this lonely space.

Music, my healer, with melodies bright,
You soothe my weary soul, banish the night.
When burdens are heavy, and spirits are low,
Your rhythm and harmony, help me to grow.

Dream, my escape, where reality fades,
You weave a new world, in fantastical shades.
From the trials of life, you offer reprieve,
A haven of peace, where my spirit can breathe.

Rain, my companion, with gentle cascade,
We cry together, a symphony made.
Your tears are my tears, a shared, silent plea,
A cleansing release, for you and for me.

They speak in silence, a language so pure,
A bond unbreakable, forever secure.
For in their presence, I find solace and grace,
A comfort unspoken, in this silent space.

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