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Mirror of Solitude

I am a specimen,
For scientists in search of their happiness,
I move into a person’s life through osmosis,
And move out of their life through diffusion.

I am a solution,
That seems to release harmful gases,
A swab to ensure their verifications,
I’m just another sample to determine their validations.

I am a surgeon,
Dissecting and modifying other people’s insecurities,
Always trying to figure out what is wrong with others,
So when they are fine, I can move on to the next.

I am an astrophysicist,
Always learning about celestial bodies,
How they play a role in igniting such beauty,
Only to have that overview effect, trying to explain what I’m seeing.

I am a mirror,
Though I don’t show your actions, just the aftermath,
Because you always punch knowing I won’t fight,
Because my hand is always up, ready to say goodbye.

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