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Now that the day ended
The sun went down
And I saw the most beautiful
And finally, the night arrived fast
At midnight
The light went out
And also, the traffic on the road
Had died down
And Toronto was quiet now
Also, there is no body walking
At midnight in the street
I hope all the people are sleeping
In their beds at midnight
Also, I know that the night is very long
Because God made the night that way
For us to sleep
Also, God made the four seasons for us
To live in it
Now we are at the end of Fall
Tomorrow will be the first of Fall
And every day it is very cold
We already changed the clock back one hour
And the days are shorter
It gets dark at 5:00 PM
I find that very depressing
Today I went to sleep at 5:00 PM
Because I was already tired

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  1. You do that too Enjoyed this poem about my favorite city in the world tfs

  2. I am happy that you love Toronto
    Also I am happy that
    You enjoyed reading my poem

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