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Barbara welcome to heaven

Barbara welcome to heaven

You are now living a new life

In heaven

Also I know that you are not suffering

Anymore in heaven

Please Barbara

Rest all you want in heaven

Also you Barbara

Will look down from heaven

And wave goodbye to me

I can’t no longer see you

Waving goodbye from heaven

Because heaven is far from earth

Also before you died here on earth

We said our final goodbyes

I saw you taking your last breath

Then you finally closed your eyes

And drift away


I miss you every day

I still have my life here on earth

I must live my life to the fullest

Here on earth every single day

Barbara you must understand that it is not time

For me to die yet

I also ask for God to keep me alive every day

I hope I will live my life until the day I am old

Barbara don’t worry about me anymore

Because I am taking good care of myself

Also I have good friends that

Are also a part of my every day life

Also my friends are giving me

Daily support

I can’t live without their support

Barbara every night

I pray for you before I go to bed

And I ask good to

Let you rest in peace

Yes I know that one day we will

Meet again in heaven

Yes Barbara I live a peaceful life

That God gave to me

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