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Yes one day I will be old

Yes one day I will be old
And during my old days
My skin will age gracefully
There is nothing that
I can do nothing about my skin again
Because my father made my skin
That way
Also by then, I will have
Some wrinkles
I will have to use some makeup to cover my wrinkles
Because I believe that my
Skin will be very ugly by them
Because I will be an older woman by then
And I believe that nobody should see my wrinkles
And I should hide my wrinkles with make up
Also, it takes lots of time to do
My makeup
And also it is not a chip thing
After I do my hair
I am feeling that I am
Looking so stunning and I know that I am looking
Great with my hair done
Also thanks good I am healthy
I am living a beautiful life
That my father gave to me
After he made me in his
He gave me blue eyes
And black hair
I hate my black hair
And I just love my blue eyes

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