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Let Go, Be Patient

In the tapestry of time, our hands are threads,
Intertwined in moments, where destiny is led.
We weave with hope, in colours bold and bright,
Yet some designs are hidden from our sight.

We cannot control the shifting of the breeze,
Nor command the rivers, flowing as they please.
Stars will shine where shadows cast their light,
Guiding us through the velvet cloak of night.

Sometimes, we must release the fervent grasp,
Letting go of dreams that we so tightly clasp.
Trust in life, its ebb and gentle flow,
For in surrender, we find the seeds we sow.

The heart learns patience, in silence it grows,
Embracing the unknown, where wisdom flows.
In every tear and laugh, we come to see,
Life’s grand design, a mystery to be.

So breathe in deep, and with a peaceful heart,
Know that in each ending, there’s a start.
We walk this path with courage, hand in hand,
Trusting in the magic of life’s gentle command.

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