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The best in me

The best in me
I am a loving and
Caring person
Also, I don’t live alone
Here on earth
I live together here
On earth
With my friends
Also my friends
Are also Christians
Just like me
Also, they always pray
For my father
In their prayer
They ask God
To give them some health
And peace in their lives
Because they no longer
Have good health
They also have now
That is a terrible disease
They are also limited
To the things they can eat
Father, I am always praying
To you
And in my prayer, I ask
Him to bring the sun early tomorrow
Because I just love the sun
Also friends it is now Summer here on earth
Yes friends thank god the Winter is over
For now
Friends, I must tell you that I never got used
To the Winter
Also, I don’t like the Winter friends
Because it is very long
And also friends we don’t get any sun
During the winter
We only get the horrible grey sky
The grey sky is also very depressing
For me friends
Also, it puts me to sleep
I can’t go back to sleep now
Or I won’t sleep at night
So I keep awake
And I also find it very hard to keep wake
Because the grey sky puts me to sleep

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