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I made my resolution

I will go to bed early every night

So that I can get a proper sleep

I will not stay up past my bed time

Because I  will jeopardize my sleep schedule that

I made for me

I made my resolution

I must love myself before I love others

I made my resolution

I am happy with the friends I have

They are very caring

I made my resolution

This is a new year

Full of surprises

Also we are having a mild winter

I am very happy about that

Lots people underestimate me

I know that I am a genius

That writes good poetry

Every single day

Poetry is the gift that God

Gave to me

And I am using that gift

Writing poems

If I don’t use that gift

I will lose it

And that would be the worst thing

I could do for me

Also I am working long hours

Writing poems

I don’t miss a day writing poem

Also in my poems there is a message

That I am sending to God’s people

I hope God’s people will be hungry to

Receive my message

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