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Ecoute moi

Ecoute moi
Ecoute moi
People I will live
I will be always there for you
Ecoute moi
We are very close friend
For a long time now
Ecoute moi
I am always praying friend
Every single night for you
Because you have
Begged me to pray for you
And I don’t forget
Every single night
To pray to you
Ecoute moi
This summer is a hot one
I have a couple of fans
Blowing air in my bedroom
Ecoute moi
Tonight, I sleep on my t-shirt
And underwear
Ecoute moi
Tonight is almost over
And soon
The new day will be here
For us
Ecoute moi
I will sleep in during the morning
Because I am still very tired
Don’t worry friend
Because I will be up at noon
Ecoute moi
Today I will continue
Working for my Father
For a few hours
Ecoute moi
I went trough
Rough times in my life
It is not a joke
I am being serious with you
Ecoute moi
I am glad I have a friend
Like you in my life
Ecoute moi
My friend what I tell you
Is in confidence
It stays here
Inside my house
I don’t want you to spell the beans
To anyone else
Ecoute moi
I have my feelings
That my Father gave to me
When he made me
Many years ago
Ecoute moi
Friend, I get along with people
Just fine
I also accept people the
Way they are
I am not asking people
To change just to please me
Ecoute moi
Friend I am not jealous of you
Because the things you have
Belongs to you
And I don’t need anything that
Belongs to you
Friend I am telling you the truth
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