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I have been feeding birds  

I have been feeding birds in the backyard.
I had hoped to see many different kinds,
but it’s only sparrows and a few pigeons.
The sparrows multiplied this spring.
Last summer there were a dozen,
now there are forty or fifty.
They make an incredible racket
and eat voraciously, emptying the feeder each day.
With the birds here, two feral black cats
moved under our shed, and then the neighbour
started feeding them, which brought a skunk,
who frightens us when we come home after dark.
Lately, little mice have joined the squirrels
on the ground, gobbling up what the birds drop.
None of this is what I expected,
and even though the birds are pooping all over the plants,
I can’t stop feeding them.
I keep dragging giant bags of seed back from the store
in my son’s red wagon,
wondering what will happen next.


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