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My Mind is… Somewhere

In a foggy realm where shadows drift and wane,
A mind is lost, a heart entwined with pain.
Confusion swirls like mist upon the sea,
A melancholic waltz in a minor key.

The morning breaks, yet clouds obscure the dawn,
A soul in turmoil, yearning to move on.
Through labyrinthine thoughts, a weary tread,
Seeking the sun where hope and joy have fled.

In memory’s haze, the echoes of the past,
Where love once bloomed but could not last.
Each recollection, bittersweet and fraught,
A tapestry of feelings, deeply caught.

The fog rolls in, a shroud upon the soul,
Obscuring paths to make the spirit whole.
Uncertainty and sorrow intertwined,
A weary traveller lost within the mind.

Oh, fragile heart that beats beneath the gloom,
With every throb, it pushes back the doom.
A single spark of light within the mist,
A whisper of the days when joy exists.

The weight of sadness, heavy and profound,
Like anchors tied to feet that seek the ground.
Yet in the depth of fog, a silent plea,
A hope that time might set this spirit free.

For even in the darkest, mist-filled night,
There lies the promise of a distant light.
A break within the clouds, a silver gleam,
A tender wish, a soft and fleeting dream.

Confusion reigns, a tempest in the mind,
But in the storm, a strength is there to find.
For even when the heart is steeped in grief,
The fog may lift and offer sweet relief.

Oh, journeyer within this misty maze,
Though steps are slow and weary are the days,
Take heart, for in the fog there lies a guide,
A beacon through the haze, where love abides.

And as the fog begins to thin and fade,
Revealing pathways that the soul has made,
The mind may find its peace within the light,
Emerging from the shadowed, endless night.

In every tear, a healing drop of rain,
In every sigh, a release of the pain.
For even in the darkest, deepest mist,
There lies the promise of a brighter twist.

So hold on fast, oh heart of weary soul,
For fog will lift, and you shall reach your goal.
Through tangled thoughts and sorrow’s heavy hand,
You’ll find the strength to rise and firmly stand.

The mind, though foggy, confused, and sad may be,
Will find its way to light, to clarity.
For in the depths of mist, a truth is found:
That even in despair, hope is unbound.

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