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Come Home

Open minded and open hearted I sit at the feet of my Creator.
All negative and harmful thoughts are set apart from me
for He’s the true Source of my love and my protection
and like a babe I close my eyes and take a nap
knowing  that I’m safe every moment of this human existence.

And if I ever fall from grace, Father wake me from my folly
for if I ever relapse know that it was never intentional
but only the remainders of my ego trying to remain tethered
to a world that with its constant lure keeps us blinded.

But to us who’ve been in His presence there’s no love more true
nor gold more pure than feeling like His dotted child
set apart from the injustices of a world that does not
comprehend us but takes advantage of our good faith and our innocence.

Be it not for His generous love and care we would have been wiped out by the enemy,
for we’re a constant reminder of what he could have been and the care he would have had
had he not hated and reveled against his Creator.

So do not give up on your struggle and continue to remain gracious,
generous and grateful in your journey
for in this life of soul growth we’re to remain faithful,
loving and humble. Never give up on yourself nor on God
for a life without self love is a life without God for He created
you and everything in this world.

And in this life’s reality or mind’s illusion
in my need for balance and universal understanding
I continue praying for you, for me, for all of us
to find God within and remain in His peace.

Jesus says, “If you’re lost come home with me!”
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