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The day I found the words

By their light I’ve been led

I walked into a darkened room

Embraced its thrill instead


A newer world I found, not better

The beasts changed the skins

That day I found the words

& they haven’t left me since


Sheltered ‘neath a warm shroud

of grace that pumps from the heart

In a room of ice & sorrow,

dreams & reckless lies


Desperately benign, I was

a theory wrong before the start

There still lives a shattered wish

Eternally it dies


’cause the day I tried to live

Is all that I can celebrate

Staring back from wastes of mind

In my regressive state


That was when the words possessed

the bitter, faithless prince

splashed with waves of ink & blood

& lines that can’t convince


Never to be told again

The tale only I knew

Written in my eyes

It somehow reached a random few


& forever to be borne

The weight of all that’s true

I keep inside, so that it wouldn’t

Find its way to you


’cause all I wanted was to see

The way this road begins

Before we moved

I found the words

& they haven’t left me since


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  1. Great to see you “finding words” again.
    Loved this beautiful piece.

  2. Mr. “Words seem to elude me” over here – I knew you were being modest. Now who’s the bad writer? 😛 As always, inspiring, and it’s a challenging read but in all the right ways. What can I say? I’m privileged to be friends with such a visionary ^_^

    • NB NB

      okay okay, let’s say I was talking about my reaction to your piece, since I did lack the words at that moment.. just like I do now.. thanks so much man.. I almost forgot how great it is to be here, and I guess that’s my fault.. fuck it.. i’m stayin 🙂

      • You better – we ambassadors gotta stick together 😛 especially with the increasing traction on the site over the past few days, I’m confident that we’ll be back to our regular, inspired, selves in no time!

      • NB NB

        it’s weird I got into reading now I can’t log out.. didn’t even try though xD

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