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I am not that kind of guy

I am not that kind of guy
The kind that has to wear a tie
I do not like to read the news
Or care to wear shiny shoes

Could not be a commuter
I do not work at a computer
Not required to make decisions
Do not supply any supervision

I’m not part of a work crew
Schedules for me won’t do
No need to rant or holler
I don’t live from your tax dollar

Judgment is to quickly passed
Before the facts are amassed
No inheritance of large sum
Expect no checks mailed to come

I am not a crook or criminal
My aspirations are minimal
No money from contest I won
Depend on money from no one

Do you think a loser of me?
Someway a drain on society
Or give the benefit of doubt
Like a riddle to be worked out

The fact is I need no loot
I get by just being cute
Now you know just maybe
I am but an infant a baby.

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