I Am Always With You


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Feeling the cold settle in? No where to turn or where to begin?
Just look across, if not there in flesh, in spirit my hand I’ll lend.


I am the wind blowing in your face. The sweetest honey you taste.
I am the one who tells you I love you without a pause or hesitate.


I am the sun shining upon you when you’re feeling cold.
I am the sand upon the beach running in between your toes.


All you have to do is call, my love. Baby, I’ll come running.
I love you more than anything. More than fame and money.


Whenever we depart, please, don’t think I’m gone forever.
Because the truth is, I’m with you, in any kind of weather.


I am the rain falling upon you. The stars you see at night.
I am the gentle breeze whispering, “everything will be alright”.


I am the feeling in your heart when you’re feeling so in love.
I am the writing on the wall that praises you just because.


I am the birds in the air when you look up in the sky.
What I’m really trying to say is, I am always by your side.


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