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I’m not mad

I’m not mad at you for moving different.

I’m mad cuz you didn’t tell me you were thinking about moving different.

I’m mad cuz you took my loyalty as a joke,

And every time I asked you to speak up you choked.


So then I thought,

Maybe it’s just hard

It’s not easy to tell the world of your problems.

So I let you be,

But I still checked up on you and let you know I was here if you needed me.


Some months went by

And still no call.

I started to wonder if you decided to end it all.

I wondered if you just didn’t want help and if life was too hard

And you decided to kill yourself…


I was sad.



Hurt at best.

I didn’t understand how you could have a bond so strong

And then just decide to not pick up the phone when they called.


Like damn,

What the fuck did I do.

I did nothing more than try to love you.

I took on the world whenever you were in pain.

I always looked out,

Always asked if you’re okay.


And the difference between her and I,

Is that I cared.

I was always the one who was gonna be there.

And even after all these years.

I just wanted you to know,

I’m not mad.

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