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Empty is easier

Sometimes it’s good to cry it all out.

After watching a sad movie of listening to a sad song.

It’s easier than talking about what has been going on.

It’s easier to just let the tears go than explain why they’re rolling.

It’s way more easier than explaining why i feel lonely or why i feel sad or happy or everything at once.

It’s easier to write this when it’s night time.

So i know i really am alone.

So it’s not just the emptiness of my room but it also is.

So now it’s only my empty heart that i’m trying to fill with empty words from a mind that’s running wild.

So the loneliness turns into “just being alone” and the sadness turns into words and everyting else into music and thoughts.

So now i ask myself “why does my heart feel so bad”

And i don’t have an answer, because i tell myself it’s all in my mind and it’s true.

I just hate it being there.


1:51 A.M.

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  1. The infinitely immortal questions as old as time itself.
    I can relate.
    Thank you for sharing your emptiness with us all

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