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The Metro Ladybug

The smell streams like the well,
a well-known unknown smell.
Refreshing like bathing in every single droplet
that makes the drop of the dew.
No matter how few,
each dripping’s cherished
slowly grab the tissue,
and make it miss you.
Cause it won’t be an issue an issue in moment’s time.
A touch so faint as pretty strokes paint,
with the weight of your dainty shake.
An action so mundane,
yet you make it whole, plain and sane.
I’ll watch from my periphery no matter how dreary,
watch out for me.
My thoughts burrow deep,
angelic voices make it seep.
If you let me in,
I’m sure to make you weep.
Each tear-drop streaked with my adjunct affection of meekness,
An affection infused with the very thought of affliction.
It would make you thrive,
the thrill of it itself is fulfilling,
like a fisherman’s moment of reeling.
It’s probably best you walked out,
cause it doesn’t please me to make a body-count.

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  1. I loved this. The word play was on point! A pretty solid write.

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