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exquisite tastes

I’m pretty sure that, the vegetarians’ argument, against meat eaters, are against those, who don’t possess a palette for pork oysters (liver) or chicken gems (hearts), let alone bone marrow.

oh if I were a Cockney butcher,
singing about all
the tender sweet bits of
hog snout and chicken strutting,
I’d begin with
a simple goulash filled with
poultry hearts and stomachs…
but above all,
pork liver from a year
old castrato,
soaked in milky water,
dried, subsequently coated
in a bare minumum of flour,
and fried slowly
in butter…
to a consistency of
an oozing pink pâté…
ever so slightly bloody…
dusted with salt and pepper,
and accompanied by fried onions
and garlic…
but I’m no butcher and
no Cockney…
but anything,
beyond the pale comparison
of generic meats from
either animal will do, just fine

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  1. This was a truly tangible read. Wow… thanks so much for sharing!

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