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Girl of My dream.

A little more wait was all it needed and there I was gritted,

lightly through the dame’s gate,

now the least of my worries, –

is an awkward gait.

After four minutes of grueling chase, I came face to face with her grace;

My whole body’s wave itching, as my outer cover caved,

And this whole time, I thought I was brave.

It’s more safe to play game, in that way;

The aim inadvertently avoids

The dame’s maim.

Even when she talks, nothing gets to me, it’s so endearing;

The safe mode is ears locked in a closed safe.

While still trying to keep up

with the case in point,

My joint moves

to still.

The sill of the window of opportunity hangs loosely off a simple piece of greed,

And time is off of it’s knees, now on it’s feet, –

Ready to be set free.

As I turned, there it dawned; Headlong she darts at me,

Being the type of being I have being, 

My first thought was;

This sane madness

simply couldn’t be,

I fell in love

with the


That was when I knew it was the fine line,

Cause i used to be about what it could be,

And this was the first time

The love was ever free.

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