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Not My Words

*To preface this, these are not my words. While discussing with my friend how I can become less stressed over finals, he said these things to me. I found them very heavy and left me crying;

Even if [you] score bad don’t let that stop you from succeeding later on in life. Failure is success.

Try for the highest (that is the goal) but don’t let failure stop you…Life cannot be determined by one score, one test…It is so much more than that

Stress. I hate that word. It’s meaningless. Just like life. Meaningless. Not one person or test can determine what life is meant to be. We could be a simulation for all we know. Stress is just a blockade for fun and purpose. And that’s what I think life means. To not be slowed by the blockades of life that seem impossible to overcome.

Just remember. Even if it seems impossible, and if it seems like it means something, it doesn’t. And don’t let blockades like stress or failure slow you down, let it speed you up and enjoy the wonders of life and everything it has to offer instead of things it has to hate you.

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