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Liquid Monster

I tossed a small oval pebble into the becalmed, smooth ocean
Concentric circles waves growing,
Almost like the sound of waves, faster, foaming
Had the ripple effect as of to wake up a giant monster beneath
No-one felt the ominous threat – not yet

A volcanic eruption or supposition of the moon
The becalmed ocean now a massive upheaval
As I listened to the chorus of ocean waves
In progressive, powerful notes louder and louder
Until a crescendo crashing, thrashing

The monstrous bluish-green fluid persisted
Like boisterous boys, maniacs jumping the crests
Guided into menacing, powerful, ever higher swells
Portent of disastrous destruction, possession drowning

Soon the eruption tempered, moon at the far hemisphere
Recoil, diminish with a furious force
Winds subside, blue cloudless sky, calm restored
Takes back the liquid monster into fabulous foamy ripples
Peaceful licking the moist, sandy brown beach

Gradually washing the corpses ashore

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