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Hard on your own

To me the sea in all its depth
and obvious fortitude
it’s blue

The sky in all its vastness
and splendid magnitude
it’s blue

They say blue has a meaning
a saddening feeling all of its own
But what I would like to know is
is what it means to you

Roaming fairly restlessly
a lot of things to see
it’s blue

Travelling from here to there
not going anywhere
it’s blue

Roving all the mighty globe
hungry for a cause to do
But what I only really wanted
is to simply be with you

You’re clearing your path
Paving your way
Keeping all renowned contenders at bay
but howls from the rear
Will make it hard, hard on your own

The child in its ambiguity
it staggers
then runs to you

It grabs your hand
and quivers
not knowing what to do

The sky and earth are fusing
futurity at last will settle down
Now what I’m concerned about is
is what that future holds for you
and if there’s anything that we as
analytical adults can do.

Your eyes are getting blurred,
you’re breathing thin air
you’re fighting all your demons up there
but all the anger and wrath
will make it hard, hard on your own

It’s so bizarre,
so poorly understood
I would fix it if only I could
But until you strengthen your grip
it will be hard, hard on your own

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