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I’m Truly Truly Sorry

It’s been a long time since I felt your tender kiss.
Please come back to me, because it’s you I truly miss.

I was so stupid for playing around.
If you saw see me today you’ll see my head stuck in the ground.

I hate what I did. I hate what I was.
Give me one more chance so I could give to you my love.

Since you’ve been gone, I’ve been feeling sad and blue.
By seeing the tears in my eyes you’ll know I’m speaking the truth.

I’ve changed my life around and I promise you this day,
that I’ll remain by your side and never ever walk away.

Please don’t leave me; I’ve been waiting by the phone.
If you care, accept my apology…please, come on back home.

I confess I was wrong and it hurts me so bad.
Now I’m never happy, everyday I remain so sad.

Kept my tears in a cup; poured it on our promise ring.
I hope for you my dear, come back, happiness you shall bring.

I really do love you, my life is broken apart.
I don’t speak with my lips, but I speak to you from my heart.

Darling, can you see that I want you to be with me.
If I tell you in a hundred words, it’ll mean I’m truly  truly sorry.

Please forgive me.



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  1. Here’s to forgiveness, and the idea that true peace can’t be attained without a healthy path towards healing. Beautiful, tragic write, my friend.

    • Thank you bro. To ask forgiveness is brave to be forgiven is to be blessed. Sadly, some forgive but won’t let go of the hurt which keeps both parties in a bond. It’s rare to see TRUE repentance and forgiveness in this world, but when it happens, it’s a beautiful sight to see. Appreciate your support!

  2. Ever wonder if a poem like this would actually do the trick?

    It’d be interesting to see her reaction.
    Dependant upon the circumstances, I suppose.

    Another gem here, my friend!

    • I’ve been told that I sometimes write what they want to hear when it comes to apologies. I honesty don’t know but hope it does work with anyone that’s going through this. Thanks, buddy. Appreciate it.

  3. ” I don’t speak with my lips, but I speak to you from my heart.”
    Gee! messing up can feel so bad after we realize. I hope all is well by now. 🐣

    • Thank you! It’s been a while when I wrote this, but at the time I was feeling this type of way and just poured out my feelings. Appreciate your continued support!

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