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A Brave Face

This feeling of you,
It’s on me,
All the time
It is stuck,
And I don’t think it will ever come off,
I am drowning in this feeling of you,
It would be okay
If I had wanted to,
But I didn’t.
You took my choice away
Ruined me
I put on a brave face
But I don’t feel brave
I feel scared
Like it’s my fault
It is not my fault
That you took something that wasn’t yours
That you took it,
And it was nothing to you,
You took a piece of me
And it meant nothing.

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  1. Goodness. This one left me speechless.l, especially when I got to the revelation. The allegory of suffocation is used very effectively here. Tragic but beautiful write.

  2. Tragedy always makes the best poetry.
    This.. This lived up to that billing.

    Well done, my friend!

  3. Great atmosphere in this poem! It reminds me of those dreams that you have that are really distressing, but still take forever to wake up from if that makes sense. Anyways great write!

  4. The tears are for the experience, not for the poem which was great. Thank you God that you turn evil to good.

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