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St. Pancras Station

I wonder what she is doing,
That person who runs past
With a look, something
Like pain on their face,
The flash of sunshine
As her yellow coat flies by,

I wonder what he is thinking
As the look of confusion
Deepens on his face,
As he tugs on his hat
As if wanting to hide
From his thoughts,

I wonder where that family are going
As the children laugh in elation
And the parents smile,
Tired but happy,
They are going the same way as me,

What am I doing as I watch the yellow coated woman?

What am I thinking as the confused man
Tries to hide away?

Where am I going as I follow the excited Family?

They look up and notice me watching,
I smile,
they do too,
A smile full of understanding,
A smile of strangers,
just passing each other by.

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  1. I honestly love this. You have made the snapshot so tangible, and honest. A simple gesture with a mountain of meanings. I’m becoming a true fan of your work and I will continue to sing your praises when more gems like these come up 🙂 beautifully done.

  2. Food for thought this poem is. Giving me vivid pictures here as I read this piece. Very good work, my friend!

  3. This feeling is one of the moast beautifully insane joys on the show of reality. meeting strangers that smile along with you for that demented moment when you feel them happy they met you and at the same time you realize you never are to see them once again. Just adorable how you felt the same way and catched the moment in a wonderfull poem. Thank you i find it really inspiring and amazingly authentical

  4. You expressed the atmosphere of the station in a succinct way and it is well written. I enjoyed the read and found it interesting in an entertaining way.

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