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My Journey Home

You see so much of the land
As you fly past,
So much but so little,
It’s like patchwork,
Fields then trees then houses,
You never quite see enough
Oh look a sheep!
Or was it a cow?
It’s slowing,
Almost enough to fully
Grasp the beauty
Of what you’re seeing,
When suddenly,
You’re off again,
Your destination is
But part of you wants to
Explore this beautiful
patchwork some more,
But alas,
Here you are,
You’re home.

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  1. The bittersweet journey home – the idea that it’s rarely about the destination. You pick up and learn to appreciate things in real-time when we’re living in a fast-foward world. I sincerely appreciate your wondrous observation and fell in love with every single word. A true beaut, my friend!

    • Thank you! I was on a train watching the fields go by and I was inspired to write, thank you as always for your kind words and for taking your time to read my poems x

  2. I must say that I love your poetry. You’ve grown on me as a fan of yours. Beautifully written piece!

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