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Parasitic Predator

Insatiable hunger drives me to enter

An exquisite insecurity oh so tender!


Aches and pains

Mentally drained

Dizzy and faint

Comfy and quaint

For me your body is the perfect abode

I live in luxury as your mind corrodes!

Expelled your charisma as I bored inside

Tearing you apart and still I hide.


Lacking focus

My magnum opus

For when you’re drained

I still remain.

Feel your heart sinking into your stomach

And through your thoughts I gleefully rummage!

Searching your dread for things to play with

For torturous toys used through the ages!


Weary flesh

Shortened breath

Jaded eyes

And a last goodbye.



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  1. Awesome flow! Everything fit well while keeping the story going. Love it when poetry flows like this. Well done!

  2. This is fantastic, brother! choice of words was mighty effective, and I had a tune in my head as I was reciting this piece. Great structure and excellent flow – therefore, excellent write!

  3. NB NB

    don’t tell me you’ve been holding this inside you & didn’t let anyone know.. I’ve been away, but in the meantime you have evolved.. it’s fantastic, man! fantastic!

    • It’s been building longer than I’d like to admit, but today was especially painful. But yeah after a period of writers block I realized that the best way to find inspiration was to try different styles while also improving on my original! I’m glad that you’ve noticed my growth Nebojsa and I appreciate the feedback!

  4. That ending, though..

    “Weary flesh
    Shortened breath
    Jaded eyes
    And a last goodbye.”

    Yes!!! This was great. 🔥🔥

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