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No coasters
Sticky rings on the coffee table
Wipe it down with Windex
Once a week.
Toaster in the bathroom vanity,
Extension cord,
Family photos, I can’t afford to hang,
Don’t want to let them down.
Dishes in the kitchen sink
Wipe ’em down with whatever suds up.
Sun is up
Curtains black it out
Blacked out in a bubble bath.
No vodka left in the bottles.
The sharp edge of the ice skates
Across my wrists.
No retirement plan.
The good die Young,
So what’s it matter
If I don’t own coasters?

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  1. I thank you again for commenting my work cos it makes me read yours. What a strike I wasn’t expecting. It’s so visual! I feel like I’m watching a raw painting and I love your storytelling. Great pièce, bravo!

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