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Ambien, you feel so right
Tucking me to sleep at night
The demons come inside my room
Bringing with a sense of doom
My body stays asleep so well
I snooze right through the darkest hell
Ambien, you rest my mind
I’ll only take one more this time
The demons come inside my house
Running rampant, all about
I stay comfy in my bed
Vivid nightmares in my head
Ambien, I love you so
I take another to feel slow
I’ve grown immune to your kiss
And now I have to pay for this
Ambien you’re killing me
I need you more than you need me
Without you I no longer sleep
I’ve taken too much, heart skips a beat
Now I lay with eyes open wide
The demons come from deep inside

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  1. This was fire! 🔥🔥
    Really enjoyed the rhyme scheme, & message.

    That ending..

    • Hi Rome, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Ambien and I have created a special relationship over the course of 8 years and it has been quite the struggle.
      I will try to find some time to read and comment on one of your works in the future.

  2. Nice job. It reminds me of my friend who’s recently become dependent on melatonin. The rhymes here are really great

    • Hi seed-planter, melatonin is a pain as well. It stops working as well after a certain point. I hope they find sleep.

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