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Is There A God?

Is There A God?

Is there a god? Do you want to know?
I really don’t believe it’s so.
Is there a place called Heaven Above
Where lives this bastion of Good and Love?

“Believe in GOD! HE’s the only one!”
But tell me first. Where did HE come from?
What gave birth to this King of Kings
To whom believers kneel and sing?

“God’s always been.”, we’re always told.
“Been here forever” is the story sold.
But ‘forever’ itself has never been
Nor has this God as yet been seen.

Preachers tell us only they
Can teach us what God has to say
And interpret the Book as a preacher can
This Book of God which was writ by man.

Who’s word is it that their preaching?
Who’s lessons are these that their teaching?
It can’t be God’s for tell me when
HE was ever known to hold a pen?

What God is this who needs a man
To write in words HIS master plan?
What kind of God who knows it all
Would have a use for words at all?

Why is this God, this great creator
Such a poor communicator?
Why can’t he place within each mind
HIS message, clear and well defined?

This God who’s known in many places
Who’s Word is different to all races.
Who never do obey HIS rules
Written in their Book and read by fools.

This God for whom they march to war
And up to whom their oaths are swore.
This God can clearly have no shame.
For the millions slaughtered in HIS name.

No God of Love who was real
Would permit the pain the innocent feel
Or the horrors that haunt every parents dreams
Who’ve seen their children blown to smithereens.

Is there a God? Do you want to know?
There is one thing and I’ll tell you so.
If there was a God and he allowed such sin.
I surely would not follow HIM.

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  1. I believe..

    Although, I’ve questioned this very topic in several poems myself.

    Great read/write.

    • Thanks Rome for your comments. I’m glad you appreciated my efforts. Just asking the question again in my own way. Write On! (as a paraphrase)..

  2. This is very well written, the rhymes are nice. I can relate to the subject matter, as I had never believed in a creator for similar reasons. It just seemed like common sense that it was an impossible fairy tail that there was some benevolent being watching over people, especially with the kind of childhood I had

    That was until I actually started seeking answers for what I asked rhetorically, like “well, who created God” and “then why is there evil”. I considered that something must have always existed, otherwise nothing would still exist, and an intelligent designer being that thing that always existed explains the order and intelligence of nature and people better than mindless, chaotic matter being the origin the universe does. And evil as well as good exists because people can practice free-will, which is what distinguishes them from amoral animals in the first place

    This world isn’t perfect, as much as I’ve tried to improve things around myself, and by now I’ve come to terms with this. God has given people the opportunity of eternal life; it’s not also His obligation to fix the temporary Earthly problems people choose to cause other people, and it wouldn’t be logically consistent with the ability for people to practice free-will anyway. But I know your frustration , and I hope you’re able to be at peace with things, too, eventually

    • I don’t believe in any God because I have no need one. I am at peace with the world as it is. I accept less than perfection and fully expect imperfection. I also don’t expect to ever know all the answers to every question that has been asked or will be asked. Whatever it is that believers need a God for, I don’t have. A belief in God wont solve any of your problems or banish any of your fears. It just papers over the cracks. The issues still remain until faced and dealt with.

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