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You came to me t’night,
when I was in a cold,


Sadness floods my body.
Tears streamin’ down
my broken face.


I’m lookin’ out the window.
Up through the star’s
towards outer space.


Just waitin’ for the sign,
my eager heart so desperately


It’s been a couple of night’s now,
since his presence – I’ve been graced.


In the form of a shootin’ star.
Upon which I believe my Son travels.
As a testament – towards my faith.


I was about to give up.
I was feelin’ defeated,
broken, ‘n shattered.


I’d just shared the poem,
This Struggle Is So Real,
while feelin’ so mentally beat down,
‘n tattered.


Who really cares about MY pain?
My miserable mouth softly clattered.


Then I noticed your comment’s.
After the fourth – I was really flattered.


Then somethin’ caught my heart.


Not the fact that you’d commented
That wasn’t really – all that mattered.


What mattered, to me was;
The fact that you’d struck on a topic
from my book.


Which I took as a sign.


It’s a particular poem in which I’d like
to someday be defined.



Tonight, when you said: You’re Beautiful.
those words – helped to remind
me why I keep writing.


To give me peace of mind.


Thank you!

-rome ©2016

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  1. There goes the fourth wall. I love the metrics here, the sounds and the story telling, solid write. I’m gonna re-read it a couple of times.

    • Fourth wall?

      I’m happy you’re feeling this, enough to reread it. That’s awesome!

      Thank you, my friend.

  2. It’s always great when we can relate to our fellow poets on such a personal level! Glad you were able to find your light Jerome!

    • I try not to read into things too much.
      More often than not, I feel like I’m overreacting.

      But, this particular comment, it hit me pretty hard.

      Which, again, is why I’m so thankful for the feedback that I receive here. It’s always nice to see just how others react to what you’ve written.

      Thank you for always being one of them.
      I appreciate you!

  3. As writers, having the support of fellow poets and friends is so important, that I feel some take this for granted. Just the words spoken here in this poem shows how much it means to you. This is a beautiful poem and I’m sure this person will cherish it always.

    • She knows exactly how I felt.
      As I reached putt personally.
      But, I also wanted to share something a lil more uplifting than my norm.

      Thank you so much, brother J-rid!

  4. I’ve had to re-read it a few times not because I didn’t understand it; I was fascinated by the layers built on such an immaculate foundation. This is a fantastic write, my friend. Nothing but respect to you and your talent!

    • Again, I’m honored that you felt this enough to reread it.

      That’s amazing to me.
      The truth is, I’ll reread my own word’s several times.. & I often wonder if others do, as well.

      It’s nice knowing that these words are reaching the right eyes.

      Thank you, my friend!

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