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Let Me Explain

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Just let me explain…


It’s not that I don’t love you, dear. I’m just a private man.
I love you with all my heart so please, try to understand.


It’s not that I don’t care, dear. Emotions are hard to show.
You are my better half and I could never let you go.


It’s not that I don’t listen, dear. Whenever you talk to me.
With stress I have, my mind goes blank. Baby, can’t you see?


It’s not that I’m obsessed, dear. I’m just a jealous guy.
I’m very insecure with self. You see the tears I cry?


It’s not that I don’t miss you, dear. This could never be.
I’m always missing you and I shall never set you free.


It’s not that I can’t tell you, dear, all this face to face.
You are my one and only. None shall ever take your place.


I love you.

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  1. You excel at displaying emotion. This is beautifully crafted, my friend. Bittersweet to the extent that the character is saying all the right things and yet, there’s a disconnect. Solid portrait of affection, my friend!

    • I’ve had my share where I had to explain myself of my true feelings compared to my actions. Wanted to get the imagery here on how it makes the woman feel if she feels neglected and the man taking the time to stop what he’s doing to TRY and comfort her. Appreciate ya bro!

  2. Immaculate flow, here.
    You totally nailed it.

    Never disappointed by the message.
    This is clearly where you excel!

    • Appreciate it. I try to do my best and can’t thank you enough for always having my back!

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