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We Almost Had It All (Written With Lizann)

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By the beach, I walk. I see sea gulls flock.
Breeze touching my face, I can feel your embrace.


From a distance, I hear you whisper. From a distance, I hear it clearer.
I stop my heart, I make it tame. When I hear you call out my name.


I hear waves crashing against the rocks. The sound makes me miss you a lot.
Softly, the birds sing their song. Oh how much for you I long!


From a distance, I hear you speak. As I hear your voice, my knees go weak.
If only I knew the words to express how I feel. You’d be with me, you’d be here.


By the beach, the sun sets. I remember the day we first met.
You were by the beach on your knees. Asking my name, you even said please.


From a distance I see it before my eyes. I remember how sparks started to fly.
We were inseparable, we fell so in love as we walked the beach gazing stars above.


By the beach, we were to wed. It all changed when that fatal accident happened.
I remember too well that fateful night. Watching the news…a horrible sight!


You were driving, on your way to me.  A car swiveled taking you from me.
In the news, about your death I learned. I couldn’t breathe, my throat burned.


I cried a river upon realization.  Just couldn’t stop this painful sensation.
I once had you, you were mine. Now everything isn’t fine.


I hear the waves beat against the shore. Here I am with nothing but time.
If I could just change it all your heart would beat here again with mine.


My love, sweet love I say this so that you’ll know.
“You’re gone away from me, but it doesn’t mean I’ll ever let you go.”


My love, sweet love, never can I replace you, no one in this world will do.
They’ll never understand that my true love is only you.


Oh love, sweet love you were the very best thing given me.
By the beach, I stand here and there’s nothing left but memories.


You were my heart.
You were my soul.
Yes my tears do steady fall.


In our grasp.
It was there.
Babe, we almost had it all!

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  1. Very poignant piece, we can feel the sadness be it fictionnal or not, this is your talent Jarid. Great piece of writing, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Kadavez. This poem was my friend’s idea, she wanted to write with me (this is the first of four poems we wrote together). She wrote her parts and I wrote mine and we blended it together to come up with this poem. Turned out to be better than we though. Appreciate your support!

  2. Nice job. I appreciate how it rhymes up till the last few lines. It almost gives it a feeling of falling into disorder, which matches the subject matter

    • Thank you Seed! The rhymes were my idea as well as the ending, but I have to credit my friend with the idea of this poem and the plot. Appreciate your feedback. Means a lot!

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