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ha lullabyz

haha I gotz rhymez detained in the insayne asylum that is my brain blowing out like reverse cocaine flowing free with their broken chainz like this lyrically inclined mind of mynez an open vayne, last call for all the bored broadz abroad that wanna get on board this crazy train of thought and trip ballz, tip a sorted assortment of sword tipz till their all unsorted on the floor, uncut and unsure like jagged teeth on a shattered see saw scattered like sea shellz on the sea shore that she sellz coz we need more in this habitat where habitz form and more addictz are born then rabbitz, coz everythingz getting fukd now, or aint you caught on yet, better catch up before your caught off guard and scratched up coz life will fuk you up son, like “en garde” slash and splash bloody ketchup from a ruptured body part that you cant patch up and all you get in the end is a hug from a grinning reaper, telling you that you had a nice run, so rest now little one, you poor, poor creature, coz the hard part is done

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