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You glide around me

As cold as the Reaper

With a knife bloodstained

& your hands still clean

As I slip

In my heart’s shallow waters

To taste your lips

Of blood & nicotine


You paint my body with white ashes

Injecting passion where reason runs deep

Filling my eyes with tricks & wonders

Until the moment has come

To cut me in my sleep


You’re lunacy at its finest

The child of every dream I had

Becoming too real

As I lay dying



That all the pain you’ve given was to heal


Your breath stays untouched in my memory

Your eyes are all there’s ever been

& only I know how far you’ve reached

When your nails scratch through my glass skin


I wish you knew I wouldn’t let you

Come near any wound before it heals

Now I lay dying,

I die lying

That I don’t love the way it feels



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  1. This has a different feeling to it, a more unsettling feeling with the dark allure. An interesting shift in tone to say the least and very well done! I am curious though, does this one link to your other writes as the last few you’ve written have?

    • NB NB

      I wrote it a while ago, but as I was reading it today, I realized that I unintentionally made it fit the story.. but the answer would be yes anyway, ’cause they’re all a part of the same concept.. where exactly will I place it, I don’t know yet, but it’s very important to see the ‘bigger picture’.. thanks for the review 🙂

  2. That’s the good old Nebo back at it, what a story! Conflicting emotions are the best, contradictions at their finest. DOn’t we love it when it hurts? Your rendition of this idea is perfect. Is your character real, I wonder.

    Thanks again for sharing such great poetry.

    • NB NB

      the reaper? of course she’s real, I couldn’t just make this up out of nowhere.. okay, I did that with a part of it.. xD I’m not sure whether the image of the person is what I got right, but this is what it felt like..

      thanks for each one of your amazing comments 🙂

  3. I read the last three lines and an involuntary “wow” escaped my lips.
    What a magnificent play on words. Simply a darkly beautiful piece.

    • NB NB

      I screamed when I wrote those lines, although I’m always quiet, so…

      thank you so much 🙂

  4. This is darker than the last one, but still alluring.
    I was immediately pulled in, & the story never let go.

    Your dreams must be pretty intense!!

    • NB NB

      you know what’s even more intense? the part before falling asleep.. that transition is always insane xD and that’s where this piece came to be.. thanks for the kind words man 🙂

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