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Blended Family

When I had nothing
My son became my sun
The light within the darkness
Truly the only one
And I have never felt a love
Like I have when I am with him
That I’ve ever had for anyone
Not even my best friends

Then I met a woman
Who claims that I am her soul mate
She has two kids of her own
And helps put food on the plate
Her boys have been through hell
She only wants some peace
She finds it hard to rest
She barely ever sleeps

And while I am at work
She stays home with the kids
Neither job is easier
We’ve both been taking hits
My sons attitude has changed
And I think it’s because he’s scared
He was used to one life
For this he wasn’t prepared

But if I speak to her about it
She thinks that her kids are ignored
And that everyone suffers
She has no hope for what’s in store
She thinks I take my sons side
Because I’m always in her ass
Because I don’t want him to hide
Because she is so crass

I’m tired of the fights
It’s always about the children
All they do is hear
The yelling throughout the building
She’s packing her bags
And I’m giving up
She calls me several names
But I don’t give a f***

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