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On Your Skin

I want to write poetry,
On your skin,
With my lips.
I want to watch
Your hair stand
Up on end.
As my metaphors
Caress your neck
My mouth will guide
Rhymes slowly down
Your body.
And my sonnets will
Make you catch
Your breath
And gasp.
The poetry will soften
And so will your voice.
As you whisper
Into the sheets
Your answer to
My poetry.

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  1. I absolutely love this… the imagery, and the meta cleverness of weaving your love of language with your love of x person all seamlessly woven into a potent masterpiece. Breathtaking, to say the least, my friend. Beautifully done!

  2. Well, daaamnn..

    I love the way you orchestrated this.
    Excellent piece of writing!


  3. I wanted to write something subtile but let’s be honest, this piece raised the temperature.

  4. Wow! I kept picturing caressing with your metaphors and all other mentioned, over some young body.

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