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Painfully Beautiful

Painfully beautiful
that is who I am.
No one to hold me
at the wit of the nights.
All alone I sat
All alone I cried
Until the moon came
and guided me to another life.


Tearful cries
Welcome to another life
It has been awhile
Since you and I agree on a rendezvous.
You see,
I was happy for a while
So there was no point in me meeting you,
But the night came again
and she was enraged
She wanted her moon back
She couldn’t withstand the pain.


Hello again,
I said to the pain
As I roamed the night
Lost and afraid
Until I met a little angel
and she is Godsend

She is a pearl
She docents me
and tells me that he has big plans.

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  1. This incredible piece makes one really think. About the seasons the air we breath and the touch of a hand to hold. Savor each memory that is presented. I may come across as being cold at times but i really have a special place in my heart for poetry. Everyday i search for the latest poem that comes across feeling very positive to me. Grasping the dear message that each poem has been presented. you show your growth with each delicate penned piece that I come across reading. Thank you for the chance to have read. (Poet Mario William Vitale)

    • Thank you so much for the comment. I have been trying to be more positive and look at life from a different perspective. Life is too beautiful to cloud ourselves with insecurities and problems. Thanks for sharing as well

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