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Never in my life
have I ever been –


The malicious type.
The vindictive type.
The fictitious type.
The predictive type.
The suspicious type.
The prescriptive type.


No apology.
It’s just not in me.


I’m the object of
A LOT of envy.


this aspect does
NOT offend me.


They can’t up-end me.
They can try t’append me.


Friend me
UnFriend me.


My heart is NOT empty.


These erratic thoughts
shan’t exempt me.


Push me?
Don’t tempt me.


Or my pen can become
a real f’kin problem.


I don’t start ’em.
Ideally I solve ’em.


Show some resolve – Umm.
It’s about time I dissolve ’em.


From postpartum to stardom,
I’m as resilient as they make.


I, and I alone —
am responsible for my own
destiny that controls my fate.


THIS, and this alone —
is what I’ve always known
t’be my utmost valuable trait.




Never in my life
have I ever needed
that I’m well on my way
towards becomin’ someone
above, ‘n beyond, hella GREAT!


I promise you.
Keep the faith.


-rome ©2017

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  1. First off you have used a great deal of grammar that is simplistic to taste. I liked the flow. Further, you have grown in your work as an artist type poet. Really liking your work. Words of nicely woven linguistic terms. Fashioned in a great experience type work you got here. Try reaching out to your fan base it may surprise you. Even you who may think otherwise. This piece is wonderful in its presentation. Lastly, subjects change and there maybe a pattern to this equation. Mark the one willing to let go & explore.

    • Thanks for the kind word’s.
      Appreciate the time/effort you put into this critique.

      Means everything.

  2. It’s clear to see how far you’ve come on your way Jerome! You always amaze and inspire those such as myself who are taking their first steps. As always I wish you the best of luck my friend!

    • Thank you, my friend!
      Just trying to do my part, in contributing to this ever growing community.

      Always happy to hear your thoughts!

  3. NB NB

    inspiring? always.. however, it’s hard to pick any lines that stand out in this piece. it wouldn’t be fair… stay awesome, man.. 🙂

    yea, this comment is too short, but I just can’t find the words any longer

    • I’m pickin’ up what you’re layin’ down.
      Thank you, my friend!

      You stay awesome, as well. 😉👍

  4. Words simply fall short on how inspired I get when I read your poems. It is truly a pleasure to have met you and your continued support for me means a lot. Oh…the poem was simply amazing. Sorry I jumped off subject but yeah that’s what led to me saying all of this. Great job!

    • I got you!

      Really appreciate the kind word’s, J-rid!
      Thanks a lot..

  5. I really like your work, which is weird because I usually don’t like rhyming poetry. but yours is well thought out and has a nice rhythm. emotions just jump out…marshall mathers fan? (among others?)

    • That means a lot, my friend!
      Definitely happy to hear that.

      It’s obvious that I’m heavily influenced by Marshall’s wordplay. My OCD is also a huge contributor (as I, quite often, think in rhyme).

      However the thoughts/experiences are all mine. I’ve put a lot of time into creating a style of poetry that I feel most everyone can relate to. These poems have become word puzzles, that I thrive to piece together in my mind.. and ultimately spill on paper.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read/comment.

      Thank you!

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