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Nothing can heal the bitter wounds of the modern world wars;
A horrible memory it leaves behind for many years to come.
Such is the nature of war in the world man has to avoid,
If he loves women and children the tender parts of mankind.

Nature is for nursing and not for polluting;
Beauty is for loving and not for spoiling;
Love is for giving and not for denying;
Life is for living and not for dying;
All these war never warrants;
But only peace can preserve these.

The park of peace of the people goes to pieces,
When the works of violence of the world proceed to war.
Creations and inventions of good and beautiful are the progress of peace;
Destructions and deteriorations of the good and great are the works of war.

But then!!
Is peace an easy thing to achieve in life?
No, not at all and never!
To get peace we have to wage war,
Not a violent war, but a silent war!

Memories of the past may give some merriment;
But such memories, when can we get we know not!
We have to fight, a war against war to get peace
And to kiss peace ever to avoid a war against peace!
Memories of the good old days have to be revived,
Memories of the good times have to be recollected
So as to feel joy and transmit such joys to other;
That is culture every human being has to venture
In complicated situations on complex circumstances.

Peace comes only after war;
War comes where peace goes;
Failure for peace is victory for war;
Success or failure is immaterial in life;
What we achieve for the posterity is most important.
All best things are achieved only in peace;
And all worst things occur only in war.

Those for success only violently wage war with aggression;
If they fail the unbearable loss puts them to death;
If they show their heroism in some other field,
The loss will not be too much to bear.
In love or war nothing is fair or foul;
But never love war to achieve your ambition,
For war kills everyone and kills the killer too!
Love ever beauty and truth in the world
And failure never will kiss you in life.
So between war and peace what will you choose
To achieve the best in the world you live?

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