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The river runs dry

life is gaming to the top but not on…. always in the
top that makes you happy, the real you is made
to know me, in every high way where experiences is
ready to be me in your heart as it say that I am
so sorry for everything you’ll be

I kept on hastening my luck form your own pedestal,
knowing that you want me of who I will be in your life
remember my dear that I am now me…before I brought
myself into your life…. my ways comes annoying to your
sight yet! It’s me….more than, what you see in your heart

you can make me back again…..just looking back where
we have started and you can make me whole again, I am
still the same me without seeing my end, be in my arms
though when I am gone you will make and start the day
again…..knowing that I missed you dear

Iam fading as you come to my life, loosing my own
identity, gradually giving me strength to know of who you
are in my destiny, of accepting the all the echo of my voice
believing that you can starts a new beginning…..of

take me not in your darkness night for I am whom you love
Forever….a promise of the past that lives me not in the
dungeon of wilderness….here I am my darling dried and
unfulfilled but with the heart that makes you strong and
soul that leads you to eternity…..thank you

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