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Reaching Out

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Hello, sweet darling. You look wonderful tonight.
Pull up a chair, have a seat right here by candle light.

Let me put some music on. Let us have a little dance.
I’m in the mood for love. In the mood for romance.

Remember when I first met you. How I bless that day!
Looking beautiful tonight! You simply take my breath away!

You know, I had a dream, but it wasn’t really good.
There was an accident somewhere close to the neighborhood.

In a pool of sweat I woke up, so I called you on the phone.
Didn’t answer. I was scared. Something felt terribly wrong.

But I’m glad you’re ok, so here’s a toast. You’re the best.
Looking up saying to me, “Please my love, not just yet.”

What’s wrong?

“That dream you had, well, my love, it’s partly true.
Brace yourself; have a seat. I have something to say to you.”

“I was in an accident. It happened right here up the coast.
What you’re seeing is not me. What you’re seeing is my ghost.”

Tears came to my eyes as you vanished before my eyes.
Breaking down. I’m breaking down! Oh god, I’ve just died inside!

Reaching out, but you’re not there.
Reaching out…you’re not there!
Reaching out, but you’re not there.
Reaching, reaching…oh my god, you’re not there!

My love, oh sweet love! Just say it isn’t so!
Reaching out for your spirit. I refuse to let you go.

My love, oh sweet love! I’m really truly missing you!
Now that you’re gone away. Tell me what am I to do?

My love, dear sweet love! The best thing given to me!
Must be dreaming. Damn it, I’m dreaming! Please someone! This cannot be!

One last hug.
One last kiss.
One last look upon your face.

Farewell, my love.
Farewell, my sweet.
No one will ever take your place.



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    • I tried to weave a web of emotion in this one. Thanks for your continued support brother!

  1. Ouch, that ending was a sucker punch to the gut! You really have a way with setting mood Jarid, and the rhyme and rhythm was excellent as well!

    • It was the goal I was reaching far when I wrote this. Thanks for commenting my friend!

  2. Well damn,
    I certainly wasn’t expecting this twisty twist… now that was effective…
    The idea of letting go affects us all, especially the rug is pulled from under us. Truly a powerful write, my friend.

    • I tried to make this as dramatic as possible and a far reaching grip than any other of my other poems. Glad this one touched you. Thanks!

  3. ..and I thought a nice romantic dinner was in the future! This was a sad , beautifully haunting poem was a memorable twist.

    • Thanks Mari! Yes, I wanted to have a twist in this one. A pleasure hearing from you!

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