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You’ll never be the man

Judgment day approaches thy

The choice is set, no matter how much evil dies

No matter how much it ties

For an angel, fallen will never fly


Stripped of evil but filled with sin

Wandering the night when the light dies

Praying to the father for help from these lies

Only to be dragged down with the demons of hell tonight


It doesn’t matter what you do to escape this life

You’ll never be the man you want to be inside





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  1. you seriously going to use out-dated english, and make no distinction between thee (V) and thy (VI)? thy = my: my what? thee = you: and you are, you, to pass what judgment?! out of curiosity, as i have, for people rekindling with obsolete english, given the emoticon, and highly-acronym example of english with american.

      • huh back: how can your comment, July 11, 2018 at 4:16 pm, predate my comment, July 11, 2018 at 5:10 am?! on the basis of me instigating an interaction?

      • oh right! shit… judgment day approaches thee (i.e. you), in old english, thy is a word denoting yours… which “technically” also implies no IS, since in your, possession, there is no such judgement. now i’m not sorry for being pedantic, sorry.

      • like i said, don’t mind my comment, i don’t want this site to enthral itself in mediating comments such as the ones i gave to your honesty… not that i’m lying, but i don’t like “speaking” unnecessary truths, like some educator… at this point i’ll simply make a replica comment: huh? actually… don’t explain it further… it was my mistake, not yours, believe me, there is no need to make an elaboration. you’re safe, don’t worry, i won’t make unnecessary comments, given the one i already made and… had to explain myself for, making it.

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