My friend, cosmic interlude, bearer

Of my artifact, semi-colon of my heart

Linked to what street I reeled- front mark in the blue

I dared to dream, bewitched by light

Looming in a far away fathom- in hold of our escape

So dressy- gloried drama, words messy, vague in time

For rent I risked long pastures, without obeying sense

In speaking of the parade, the taming current of a larger scale

Not one knew of the hat you wore by the spring time of your lies

My sides hurt thinking you will take it all away from me

A root of fame and honored seek, as I untie my shoes

Dive into your love, understanding the hate thrown at questions

Lusty forbid-dens, sarcastic flower, a neck in tossing, gaping

Corrals raise guns, raise words, raise theories

When all you do is raise clouds

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