Maybe we’re not supposed to
understand e’ry aspect of our bein’.


Now that I think about it;


Maybe it’s also okay t’be a bit naive,
with certain negligence we’re seein’.


That might also mean that;


Maybe time isn’t the only thing in our
part-time existence that’s consistantly fleein’.


Maybe we’ve lost too much patience
where we could’ve saved some — agreein’.


Much t’my dismay.
I tend t’overthink e’ry aspect of my day.


Maybe a lil bit o’mystery is okay.
Maybe a lil bit o’misery is okay.
Maybe a lil bit o’missin’ me is okay.
Maybe a lil bit o’Mrs. in me is okay.


I mean,
I’m not gay – ‘n that is also okay.


Maybe this is the type o’isht that
I prolly shouldn’t feel the need t’say.


Maybe it’s none’o’society’s business
how other’s intimately choose t’sway.


Maybe if I didn’t stress e’ry lil detail
my hair wouldn’t possess fifty shades o’grey.


Maybe I just fked the isht outta that wordplay.


Maybe (not the tip) jus’ a touch.


Maybe we worry far too much.
Maybe we shouldn’t be in such a rush.
Maybe we should simultaneously hush.
Family, Friends, etcetera, ‘n such.




I’m sayin’..


Maybe we’re livin’ too hard.
Maybe life’s  jus’ caught us off guard.
Maybe we’ve given the unknown the nod.
Maybe it’s fear itself that’s been scarred.


Maybe the word MAYBE is somewhat marred.


Maybe not.


Jus’ draggin’ my heart –
Once again,
with this pen..


-rome ©2017


  • Oh absolutely! Life could be so simple yet people willingly choose to over complicate things just because that’s how it’s always been. I bet if people took a moment to look they’d realize how much easier life could be if we all worked together! Great write Jerome!

  • Another ace write, my friend. Signature style knows no bounds, and it’s clear that its potential to ascend is virtually limitless. “Maybe” is quite a powerful force in the English language, and it’s unfortunate that maybe can never be absolute. It can, however, inspire people to question their comfort, and to decide to step out of them and see the bigger picture.

    Then again, maybe not 😉 I totally dig this!

    • Maybe, if something I write inspires another person, their subsequent actions could change the course of someone else’s day..

      Or, well you know. 😂

      Happy this reached you, my friend. Always like hearing your perspective on things.

      Thank you!

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