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Useless In Homage

Inside the narrow doorway peeks the monk

all lit up with burning candle

wide eyed and in awe

waiting for the monster to growl

but all is silence.

He quietly steals in ready to flee

but he has to see it, see if it’s real.

It is pitch black

the candle cannot pierce the darkness

blacker than black, a void.

He whispers hello lord?


I have been taught to fear you lord, should I?

The only noise is the beating of his heart

against his eardrums, the rush of blood

to his head.

He creeps forward

reaching out with his hands

lest he bump into a wall

LORD LORD? he screams.


He turns around and realizes

that the door has shut

he can’t see anything at all

where is up where is down

where is right where is left

he panics and screams WHERE ARE YOU

he throws his useless candle against the darkness

and weeps.

He awakens in his straw bed

in his tiny room

the candle has burned down

it is dark and clammy

he is dark and clammy.

He gets up, lights a new candle

and opens his door

and in useless awe

peeks out.


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